Easy Sugar Break Up

CJ Liu interviews author Rena Greenberg about her book “Easy Sugar Break Up: Break the Habit and Addictions that Control You.” CJ and Rena talk about the many forms of addiction and how to know if you are addicted to food or a specific food. CJ talks about certain trigger foods, like movie popcorn, that she eats and cannot stop eating until it’s finished. Rena shares stories about her clients that sneak foods when their spouse is not looking. These are all flavors of addiction.
Once you have an addiction, then what are ways that you can break that addiction? Rena shares some techniques using visioning negative outcomes. What are negative results you could get by eating that tortilla chip? One technique that has been successful is a Gastric Bypass Hypnosis. Rena walks through an imagined surgery with the client which means that their stomach shrinks, and then eating healthy foods after the surgery. This hypnosis, along with reinforcement visualizations, have resulted in Rena’s clients losing many pounds. In addition to these techniques, there are healthy recipes and formulas that help build interest in healthy foods. Rena has developed a Super Cider that helps her clients balance blood sugar, lose weight, cut cravings and cleanse gently. Another option is her CBD Super Cider that you can get free by visiting www.renasorganic.com/free.

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