South African Scheduling of CBD & THC

In this webinar we invite Jacqui Ramage a responsible pharmacist to discuss the nature of CBD & THC scheduling and labelling as it relates to products and medicines in South Africa. We review differences between Schedule 6 (S6), Schedule 4 (S4) and Schedule 0 (S0) medicinal products as set out by SAHPRA. We discuss requirements related to marketing authorizations, eCTDs (common technical document) and labelling requirement for cannabinoid containing products.

We use examples of products domestically on shelves to help give advice on potential amendments to improve labelling specification.

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Jacqui Ramage – Responsible Pharmacist
Mobile: +27 82 833 7293/Local 082 833 7293

Jeff Verlinden – Separations
Mobile: +27 63 291 3334/Local 063 291 3334


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