40 Ways to Market Your CBD Business Locally


Whether you are starting in the CBD Industry or aiming to expand or enhance your CBD marketing strategies, you should consider selling or advertising your CBD products in local retail establishments. Local establishments like a pet store, spa, pharmacy, or doctor’s office are places where people can interact with each other, learn and talk about your CBD products.

It’s crucial to know your edge among others and list all the possible ways that edge will work best for you. The first set is to set up your game, meaning you get your business cards, marketing strategies, and everything necessary to make you look like a legitimate CBD business. Here are the 40 CBD marketing strategies that you can do locally.

1. Open a retail store or partner up with some local retail stores.
2. Open a store within a store. This means that your partnered store can have another partner store or person.
3. Create or join a pop-up shop or market.
4. Join merchants at a community festival.
Here is the list of local stores where you can market or resell your CBD business or products.
5. Farmers market
6. Pharmacies
7. Mall kiosk
8. Bus kiosk
9. Airport kiosk
10. Fashion boutiques
11. Hair salons
12. Nail salons
13. Local spas
14. Doctor’s offices
15. Chiropractor’s offices
16. Makeup counters.
17. Gem stores
18. Yoga studios
19. Pilates studios
20. Holistic centers
21. Nutritionists
22. Apothecary stores and shops.
23. Sports rehab centers.
24. Physical therapy centers.
25. Coffee shops
26. Tea houses
27. Head shops
28. Pet stores
29. Grooming facilities
30. Cooking classes
31. In-home parties
32. Retirement centers or senior centers
33. Olive oil stores
34. Addiction clinics
35. Put up your information sheets at bulletin boards or walls.
36. Giving samples is also a great way to market your products.
37. Put stickers or magnetic door signs on your vehicles.
38. Offer free consultations through different social media platforms.
39. Ask your family or friends to refer your business to others.
40. Join merchants at local events.

Giving awareness of your CBD business can build your brand with this variety of ways of marketing your CBD products. The main challenge is for you to be creative on your CBD marketing strategies and try different ways to see what works well on your business.

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