How to make your own carts from wax!

in this video ill be showing you how to make your own carts/cartridges safely using a product called terp liqefy which you can go and get your own in the link below also let me know how you like the video, also here’s a step by step guide

Step 1- Find out if your concentrate/wax is winterized and make sure you have a syringe, a empty cartridge, a container to melt the wax in and a dropper and your mix

Step 2- Get the right ratio of wax to your mix, I recommend terp liquefy and use 6-8 drops for a half gram and 12 drops of terp liquefy for a full gram

Step 3- Put your wax/concentrate in a container and mix the terp liquefy with the wax and heat it up until it is melted completely but not too hot too burn the wax and mix it together until its unified

Step 4- Use your syringe and suck up your wax and put it into your cartridge and wait a day or 2 to let the mix set in and after that you made your own cart

also let me know how you liked the video and how your cartridge comes out

terp liqefy link –

Free background music link –

And let me know how you like the video



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