How to make Cannabis Shatter at home: An EASY step-by-step guide

Ever wondered how to make cannabis shatter from home? This is a quick and easy guide to making Cannabis Shatter for aspiring home extractors or medical patients who want to control the process of making their own products from the comfort of their home. This video uses the Peak Supply Co Alchemy Shatter Kit although you can source your own supplies we recommend buying the kit to save money and to be able to follow the instructions exactly until you become a more experienced home extractor.

For an in-depth breakdown of this video please read our accompanying article:

The kit in this video can be purchased by visiting their website below:

This video is not intended to be a guide for treatment or making a cure of any kind this is simply an educational guide. Please use with caution and always practice safety by wearing gloves and goggles and performing the steps in a well-ventilated room.


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