How To Make Dabs At Home Without Butane

Try at your own Risk , This video is for educational
Steps below, any questions comment below 🙂
how to make dabs
how to make shatter
#dabs #wax #shatter
What you will need-
Cannabis(7-28 Grams)
99%iso OR everclear (do not use anything lower then 99%)
3 glass jars
coffee filters
Pyrex Dish
HOt plate (or double boiler)
Start with frozen cannabis , Place cannabis in glass jar Pour in iso untill cannabis is just covered, Filter iso right away Faster then 60 seconds on the rinse will make a cleaner end product, You can do a second wash and let soak longer for a darker more full extract, Take the filtered iso and put it in your Pyrex dish and place on the heat away from any flames, Recommend out side, cook at 175-195 untill all iso is gone, More liquid longer it will take,

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Re-upload YouTube deleted my account at 500,000 views,

Old video i no longer use this method i now just make rosin,


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