Airistech Headbanger 2-in-1 Quartz Cell Wax Vaporizer Review

One of the hottest new wax vapes on the market right now, the Airistech Headbanger Vaporizer, is redefining on-the-go concentrate vaping!
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With its patented QCell Quartz Heating Tech, this thing blows massive dabs in seconds!

Featuring a top-shelf ‘Dip & Dab’ design, the Airistech Headbanger works as both a traditional wax pen and a nectar collector and is one of the best vapes on the market in terms of both flavor and design.

The Headbanger has three optimized voltage settings for use with different types of concentrates. If you’re looking for the full dabbing experience on-the-go, the Airistech Headbanger comes equipped with two QCell quartz atomizers to help with atomizing your concentrates.

The Q1 Quartz Dip Coil screws into the bottom of the device and can be used in the style of a waxy nectar collector. The Q1 Dab Coil is constructed from the same quartz crystal and screws into the alternate side like a regular wax pen. The Headbanger’s resemblance to an up-market mod vape also helps with discreetness.

With a bunch of awesome accessories, including Micro-USB charging cable and two quartz wax tubs, the Airistech Headbanger really is the full vaping package!

Take the ultra-premium aqua filtration and high performance of a regular dab rig and put it in your pocket with the help of the Airistech Headbanger!

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