Safest way to make wax (14grams)

In this video i show how to make shatter/wax the safest way with out using any flame around the flamable liquids.
Things you will need
1. (2)pyrex dish

2. Micron bag or strainer

3. Everclear wheat alcohol

4. Mariajuana or trim

5. Razor
And somewhere to place your outcome.

Step 1. Frezze your mariajuana and alcohol for 30 mins

Step 2. Pour you alcohol into a container with your herb (boken down or full nugs) your choice.

Step 3. Soak for about 90secs move cannabis around by moving your container around or stir with a wood spoon.

Step 4. Strain your cannabis into another container.

Step 5. Strain agian for any small particles that went through from step 4

Step 6. Pour into to pyrex dish (Have your hot bath of water ready in the 2nd pyrex dish)

Step 7. Place your 1st dish into the hotbath and wait depending on how much alcohol you put in (change water every 20 minutes).

Step 8. Scrape and Dab

Music by: Hippie Sabotage – Drifter extended version. Chillcloud


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