CBD FECO Color & New CBD Products!

Many of you have reached out to me asking why the color of our Baby Blend High CBD FECO oil has changed from brown to clear. I can assure you, the quality and effectiveness of the medicine has not changed, so here is the wonderful reason for this color change.

As you know, education on how to improve our products is very important to me. Over the last few months I have learned how to create an even more superior product by using a secondary distillation process called “SHORT PATH”.

We follow the same process we always have by starting with high quality organic CBD cannabis flowers processed through a closed-loop alcohol extraction, creating a FULLY EXTRACTED CANNABIS OIL (FECO).

We then take this already excellent oil and run it through this secondary SHORT PATH distillation process. This removes the fats, waxes and a lot of the let’s just say, “Plant schmootz”. By doing this we create a CLEAR and cleaner cannabinoid panel.

With the SHORT PATH, we are able to extract a higher level of CBD and the other important molecules that make the medicine, medicine. We also have the opportunity to reintroduce the terpene panel here. This allows us to create yet again a more superior product for you, one that we can ensure will be addressing your neurological issues, cancers or overall health.


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