HoneyStick Tutorial on 5 Most Common Vaping Mistakes like turning vape pen on/off or fill cartridge

We all make mistakes, and as new vapers, we make more of them even if we read the directions. In this quick and simple video, Dan Hoff from HoneyStick goes over the top five mistakes that vapers make when they are vaping. It can be a simple mistake as not unlocking or turn your battery on/off, in the proper way to fill a vape cartridge, or not placing a magnet onto a cartridge, but nevertheless, it can ruin or stop your vaping experience. Get to know your vaporizer and the various equipment out there so You don’t fall into any of these mistakes. Each one of these tips can save you time and headache in your vaping so enjoy this video and if you have a vaping mistake we didn’t list, drop it into the comments below.

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