CBD-Infused Lemongrass Lemonade Recipe

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to bring you this video because, first off, it’s lemonade. Secondly, it’s infused with CBD! I’ve been trying to find different things to do on my channel other than just beauty. I feel like the beauty world is definitely changing, and I’m looking for different and unique ideas for a “rebranding” of my channel if you will. I discovered the benefits of CBD not that long ago, and I must say, I think it is life changing. It truly helps with my chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, without giving you the high that THC gives you. It’s purely medicinal for me, and I’ve found fun and unique ways to incorporate it into my cooking! So here is my first CBD-infused recipe for you all, and I really hope you enjoy it. If you want more videos like this, give this video a thumbs up! Thank you all so much for your support, and I’ll see you in my next video πŸ™‚

Original Lemongrass Lemonade Recipe:

Sugar & Kush Unflavored CBD Oil:

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