Entrepremommies Find Value in Your Business pt 2

Part 1:
Part 3:
Do you value your business? Do you know what values to add to your business? Have you made the right steps to do the necessary and legal things in your business?
Your hosts are Nicole Flamer and Tiffany Tracey they can be contacted by emailing entrepremommies@gmail.com
In This Episode:
• We discuss getting things together legally for your business.
• Are you offering a solution to your customers?

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Entrepremommies Podcast is hosted by 2 mommies that are entrepreneurs. Nicole Flamer is an author, non-profit founder, online seller, graphic artistic, and serial entrepreneur. Tiffany Tracey AKA Tiffy T the Resellqueen is a serial entrepreneur, author, online reseller and speaker. Every week they provide a lesson on owning your own business for a financial independence.

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Tiffany Tracey resellqueen19320@gmail.com www.resellqueen.com



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