Weed and Weight Loss, the Next Fad Diet?

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) — When it comes to the power of pot a number of states now say it can legally be used to treat health concerns.You might be surprised to hear that it’s hotly debated if weight loss is one of them.Unless you talk to Art Glass, the author of the book, The Marijuana Diet. Local 12 talked to him by Skype from a state where he admits he can’t legally use pot yet for this purpose in spite of that he claims that after several years on the diet he’s dropped 65 pounds.Here’s how he says the marijuana diet works: you smoke one to three inhales of marijuana, eat superfoods such as blueberries or green leafy vegetables, juice with green smoothies and fast intermittently.Then you do what Art calls, sofa exercises, which he showed Local 12 by Skype.Glass says the weed is what works for weight loss and he has studies and testimonials to back it up.Because marijuana has cannibinoids in it, it is the only plant that has that, and cannibinoids do incredible things for peoples minds and their bodies.So the real question then Liz Bonis had to ask is, is it really the marijuana? Or perhaps the reduced calorie intake that might be leading to weigh loss. And as you might imagine, experts have a bit of a mixed opinion about using controlled substances to help you lose weight. Doctor George Kerlakian is a bariatric surgeon who reviewed the marijuana diet and some of the studies Glass claims support weed for weight loss:When you look at studies like the ones that have been reported, you really have to look very carefully at the statistics, and whether or not in what we call in statistics are confounding factors. In the sampling of patients in their study, they could have included a lot of patients who initially were depressed or ill with chronic illnesses who then tried to use marijuana or other types of substances, but nonetheless, started out much smaller , with smaller waistlines, and lower cholesterol etc.Doctor Kerlakian says he would not recommend the marijuana diet for any of his patients. And when Local 12 asked if pot helps you drop pounds?I don’t believe so, I think that is a myth, and if anything as you are well aware, often marijuana is recommended as a prescribed substance for patients who have chronic illnesses, cancer, HIV aids to improve their appetite.He says it’s likely to increase, rather than decrease, eating.Because obviously it gives the patient some euphoria some feeling better and in touch with themselves and maybe improves their appetite this way.Art Glass doesn’t disagree that marijuana can give you the munchies. But studies have shown that people who smoke marijuana eat more and weigh less.Doctor Kerlackian says in spite of that claim, if you weed out the facts, would he suggest marijuana diet for anyone who wants to lose weight?I would not. Absolutely not.


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