THC Vape Juice – First Legal Cannabis Vape Lounge

THC Vape Juice Creates a Buzz at First Legal Cannabis Vape Lounge
THC Vape Juice? Legal Cannabis Vape Lounge? Are you kidding me?

Yes, these two concepts were just that only concepts less than a few years ago. Now the reality that THC is made into easy to consume vape juice and you can hang out and enjoy cannabis in a public vape lounge are a reality!
Two things have the cannabis industry buzzing right now. The first is the advent of THC Vape Juice and the second is the first legal cannabis vape lounge. We captured some live footage of patrons enjoying THC e-juice and the social atmosphere of the catching a buzz at the first legal vape lounge in the United States.
Check out these cannabis connoisseurs as they jump into the realm of vaping cannabis.
The THC Vape juice that the patrons were enjoying was made using Wax Liquidizer. The process of creating your own cannabis infused e-liquid is a really simple process. The 3 step process to vaping either THC or CBD infused vape juice is as follows. We will use THC as our example in making vape juice.
1. Select a Cannabis Concentrate for your vape juice. An Indica or sativa will work equally well. The main point is that the concentrate contains no raw plant matter. Wax, Shatter, Distillates, Honey Oils, Rick Simpson Oil will all work great. Avoid Hash, Keif and Bubble Hash as all of these contain raw plant matter and raw plant matter does not liquidize.
2. Choose the flavor of Wax Liquidizer you would like use for your THC Vape Juice. The Original Flavor is flavorless and designed for the concentrate connoisseur to enjoy the natural flavors of the strain of concentrate they desire. Flavors include Pineapple, Strawberry, Grape, Banana, Blueberry and Ice Hit. (Menthol)
3. Combine one gram of concentrate with 2mililiters of Wax Liquidizer in a microwave safe container. Microwave for 10 seconds and stir until all concentrate is completely infused to a liquid state. It really is that easy!
Now that you have created the flavor and strain of your own custom THC Vape Juice it’s time to vape. As you can see in the video the THC vape juice made using Wax Liquidizer was used in simple low cost small disposable cartridge vape pens to the Trademark and Patented Bad Penny Vape system featured at the Vape Lounge.
The cannabis infused e liquid can be used in a wide range of devices. The low end being the disposable vape pen and cartridge you find in many dispensaries. It is worth noting that these small pens that are available with pre made THC Vape juice cost an average about the same price as a gram of decent concentrate. The cartridge on these pens generally are .5ml
If you buy a gram of concentrate and mix it with Wax Liquidizer at the suggested ratio of 2ml liquid to 1 gram concentrate you will have a yield of close to 3ml of THC vape juice. That is enough cannabis infused vape juice to make 6 of these small vape pens. It’s easy to see that 10 seconds of heat and a little stirring not only allows you to make your own custom blend of THC e juice it also saves you a ton of money.
However lets get back to the options you have to vape your newly created custom blend of vape juice. The common disposable type of vape pen has been discussed. The option of using your own custom atomizer with a nice large tank that creates huge clouds and hits like a train is another option. The latest trend is somewhere in between using pods. These are sleeker systems than atomizers that provide larger tanks and also some temperature control.
To learn more about cartridges, tanks, atomizers and pod systems I suggest you check out a great video on Best THC E Liquid Cartridges, Tanks, and Pods this video gives you a great insight into the advantages and disadvantages of all 3 systems.
In the video at the vape lounge you may have noticed that a few of the patrons commented on the smell and taste of the vape when they exhaled. The hint or taste of the fruit flavor and slight smell of the flavor of the vape is also something many people enjoy about creating their own THC Vape Juice. Using the flavored Wax Liquidizer the vape has just a hint of a fruit flavor. This discreet method of consuming cannabis is yet another aspect that has people buzzing about THC Vape Juice.
The fact that Cannabis Vape lounges have now become legal in the United States also tends to support the fact that Vaping is considered a healthier alternative to smoking. With most towns and public places having strict laws in regards to smoking the use of vape pens and vaping systems provide a social way to enjoy in cannabis in public and social settings as compared to smoking.
Today the novelty of Legal Cannabis Vape Lounges and THC Vape juice may seem like just that… however it seems that with the direction of both the cannabis industry and popularity of vaping the cannabis lounges and the use of THC Vape Juice are here to stay.


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