Medical Cannabis Bike Tour – 2015 Trailer

In June 2015 Herbies will be joining the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour once again as it makes an epic journey – 420 km in 3 days – through Belgium, Holland and Germany. For More Information You can also donate during checkout on

The money it raises is being used to start clinical trials using cannabinoids to treat cancer patients this Autumn. Thanks to the bike tour, this research is totally independent which means people, not pharmaceutical companies, will profit from the results.

This year,100 riders from all over Europe, the USA and Canada are expected to participate, along with a support team of volunteers and journalists and film crews covering the event. Not bad considering four years ago the bike tour started as 2 men on a mission to raise a little bit of cash for a good cause!

Herbies will be there! As well as sponsoring this grand adventure our film crew will capture all the action, from the start in Maastricht to the finish line in Amsterdam.

Why Sponsor

Cancer is the great leveller – young or old, rich or poor, it doesn’t discriminate. We all know someone who has been affected by the disease. The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour believes cannabis could be a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer.

Cannabis has a rich tradition of use as a medicinal plant, but its legal status has meant that there has been relatively little research into its health benefits. However, in recent years scientists have begun to investigate its potential.

These include the team headed by Dr Manuel Guzman and Dr Guillermo Velasco, at Madrid’s Complutense University. They have been researching the effects of cannabinoids (the active ingredients in cannabis, THC and CBD) on cancer cells.

Their work in the lab over the past 14 years has shown that cannabinoids restrict the growth of tumours (and can even cause them to shrink) and stop cancer cells from migrating to other parts of the body.

The Cause

We at Herbies believe that the medicinal potential of the cannabis plant needs to be further explored; this is why we are proud to play our part by sponsoring and helping The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour.

Thanks to funding from the bike tour, the Madrid based scientists can take the next step and test their research on brain cancer patients. With the backing of the Spanish Organisation of Neuro-Oncologists (GEINO) clinical trials involving 30 – 40 patients in a handful of Spanish hospitals are set to begin later this year.

The scientists and GEINO are confident these trials will provide real evidence that cannabinoids, used in conjunction with other anti-cancer agents, can be a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer.

These trials will cost between €220,000 and €250,000, which is why the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour needs your help! Your donation will help the MCBT to fund these trials.

Sponsorship of The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour raises money for:

1)Medical cannabis research. Our sponsorship will help fund independent studies by doctors and scientists (at Madrid’s Complutense University) who are combining cannabinoids with existing anti-cancer drugs.

2) Legal rights. Working with ICAM (International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines), the bike tour supports legal efforts to achieve equal rights for medical cannabis users at The European Court of Human Rights.

3) Medical cannabis awareness. Through the bike ride Herbies will be contributing to help challenge popular misconceptions about cannabis, by associating it with a healthy activity. Coverage of the bike tour also raises public and media awareness and brings attention to our cause.

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