Make Dispensary Grade Cartridges at Home! Mixing Vape Carts with Distillate and Terpenes in 2020!

How I mix high end cartridges at home that contain up to 90% THC. I go over the basics of mixing high quality dispensary level cartridges using pure raw distillate and organic terpenes.

I’ve always personally liked to use a really thick distillate (Less of a chance that it’s been cut). I also had this concentrate lab tested for contaminates prior to use. Because the extract is so thick, A lot of people add extra cutting agents (PG/VG, MCT, coconut oil, ect.) when mixing cartridges. This is unnecessary as it just serves to dilute the product. Also, some of these cutting agents can can pose potential health risks.

The best (and many would say the safest) way to make vape carts is to reach the desired viscosity using only organic terpenes. I’ll share some tips in this tutorial that will help you create super clean and great tasting cartridges that pack a serious punch!

*Please be advised that this video is for educational purposes only. It is not intended for persons under the age of 21. You should always obey your local laws in regards to cannabis/marijuana.

** None of the products linked on this video contain any THC or any other controlled substances.

Magnetic Stirrer-


Powerslug LR Cartridges-

Key Box Flip Battery –


Starting from Flower (rosin tech) –

Starting from BHO Wax-



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