Can I order CBD online? Is buying CBD oil legal? [Legal Guide]

There are a few things to know about purchasing CBD online. Most CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC. Therefore, CBD products can be mailed or otherwise transported across state lines.

Premium CBD products clearly label how much THC they contain. Zero THC products will be clearly labeled as such. But don’t rely on a label alone, check the brand’s website for 3rd party lab results.

Is CBD Legal?

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Hempure CBD products have zero THC and we share all test results at All Hempure CBD products can be sent in the mail and carried across all US state lines.

Going on a road trip across the US? No problem! It’s completely legal to bring Hempure CBD supplements along for the ride.

You may also be asking “Is hemp oil legal?”

Both hemp and CBD oil are legal to travel with and carry across state lines.

Flying in the US for work or pleasure? You can pack CBD for your trip. Just remember liquids more than 100ml must go in check-in luggage.

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