Tbodi Life 300 mg Full Spectrum CBD Vape

Join Jennifer Dixon ERYT 500 and Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and owner of Thrive Yoga and Wellness reviews the latest CBD product in the Thrive Hemp Store inventory, Tbodi Life 300 mg Full Spectrum CBD vape.

This is a Chattanooga, TN company that is locally sourced and processed in the Scenic City, using Cryo Ethanol as the extraction method. It’s a super concentrated 500 ml cartridge that tastes as smooth as it’ll make you feel.

Flavored with Blue Dream Turpenes, this vape goes down smoothly and starts to work immediately. Packaged in a clear, easy to open container, it’s easy and convenient to get your anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation supplement!

CBD is quickly becoming mainstream with its many benefits ranging from pain relief, help with sleeping, anxiety, siezures and so much more. If you haven’t tried CBD yet, NOW’s the time! With the 2018 Farm Bill passing and legalizing Industrial Hemp, you will find many more options available in this quickly growing market.


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