How to stop eliquid leaking on a plane | Vape Juice leaking? | Hacks ep 2

How to stop eliquid leaking on a plane was our thinking for our Hacks episode number 2. Why does vape juice leak out when flying – is one of the commonly asked questions by many vapers on touch down. We are here to tell you why and how to avoid it ruining the start of your trip.

To show our level of dedication, we even took ourselves up in a plane to test out our method. Myself (David) and Grinny Heaths flavourist Steve, set off from London to Romania, simply to help you guys avoid a leaky vape juice. Dedication.

So if you want to know how to stop eliquid leaking on a plane or just stare at my mug for 5 minutes 54 seconds, hit play.

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