I took TEN times the amount of CBD oil and documented it!

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***Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before taking CBD oil.

I took ten times my regular dose of CBD oil and recorded my experience, because I wanted answer my own questions:
How much CBD oil is too much?
Can you overdose with CBD?
Can you get high of CBD?
What if I take too much CBD oil?

I decided to answer those questions by taking x10 the amount I usually take. I looked it up on the internet and there are either blogs about how you can’t overdose or Reddit people’s stories how they got high of CBD. So I figured, since I say you can’t get high of Icaria’s CBD oil, I am going to prove it in front of the camera.

According to a few stories, people took approximately 100mg of CBD oil and had a negative experience. I decided to repeat the experiment and also take a 100mg. I usually take 5-10mg, so it’s at least ten times my regular dose. I took the first 50mg and then took another 50mg an hour later – I wanted to see how I react to 50mg vs 100mg.

Make sure to watch:
👉How much CBD oil you SHOULD take:
👉What are the side effects of CBD oil:
👉Can CBD oil make you high:

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