How to vape CBD with 6 commonly asked questions.

We show you how to vape CBD with 6 questions commonly asked.

Vaping CBD is very similar to normal vaping but you must watch out for some of the difference as it may affect your health.

Question 1: Is vaping CBD Safe?

You might have herd on the news recently about the recent vape related deaths in America. Find out what really happened and the new update from the CDC. The answer may surprise you.

Question 2: What are the benefits?

Learn about the benefits of vaping CBD. Unlike nicotine, CBD is not addictive and is non-psychoactive.

Question 3: How to vape CBD?

Vaping CBD is simple. You will need a vape pen or starter kit to get going.

Questions 4: Can I use my own vape device?

Not all vape devices are the same. We explain the differences

Question 5: How much CBD should I vape?

We explain to you how much CBD to vape when you are new.

Question 6: The difference between CBD oil and CBD vape juice.

The industry does not have a standard in terms of naming products so we explain to you which CBD you can vape and which CBD products you cannot vape. Remember that you cannot vape any oils.

Always make sure you read the manufacture’s warning and suggestions. We hope you enjoy this video on how to vape CBD.

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