EP4 – Benefits of Vaping CBD with Dave Strong from Strong Hemp

On this weeks show we speak with Dave Strong from Strong Hemp about the Benefits of Vaping CBD. During the show, we will delve into the science behind vaping CBD when compared to digesting CBD Oils, Capsules or Edibles ect. We also look at the bio-availability of vaping eliquids and using them in your every day life for your Optimal Health.

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You can find out more about Dave and Strong Hemp below:
Strong Hemp UK was originally founded as StrongVape UK, a flavoured CBD e-liquid specialist, but in December 2017 we merged with another up-and-coming brand called EV8 Life who create hand made hemp infused edibles and cosmetics.

EV8 Life share the same values and like us, they found themselves unable to find hemp products to suit them, so began to make their own. They really didn’t foresee the demand in their products and were overwhelmed with orders extremely quickly. They felt that this would impact on product development and doing what they love, which is making the products. We have re-branded slightly to accommodate the new product lines and now have a wider range of hand-made Hemp and CBD infused products to offer. We are now the proud new home of EV8 Life’s products.

Our E-Liquid Products

We feel the majority of CBD E-Liquid on the market today lack quality flavouring compared to regular nicotine based e-liquid manufacturers, so we decided to do something about it! We have taken manufacturing methods from the standard nicotine based e-liquid market and applied them to our CBD e-liquid manufacturing process.

The most important part we have taken on-board is the steeping process. Steeping is allowing the flavoured e-liquid to sit in a dark room for a period of time for the flavours to mature. Think of it like a good wine, whiskey or cheese – it needs a certain amount of maturing time to become the flavour your know and love. At StrongVape UK, every bottle of e-liquid that we sell is steeped for between 4 and 12 weeks depending on how creamy the flavour is!

By the end of 2018, our goal is to have the widest range of CBD e-liquid flavours to suit all taste buds and a selection of strengths to meet everyone needs. We hope to increase our minimum steeping time to 12 weeks for all flavours and be in a position to launch flavoured CBD Drops which can be used in a RDA (rebuild-able dripping atomiser) or applied under the tongue. You can help us get there sooner by placing your next CBD e-liquid order with StrongVape UK.

Strong Hemp can be found at:


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