The End of Online Vape Sales

At 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time, March 24, 2021, will no longer be able to accept any orders. We are currently seeking viable alternatives, and we will absolutely keep you informed as the situation develops, but now might be a good time to start planning your final orders with us.

Deep in the 5,593-page, $1.4 trillion 2021 US federal budget is a provision that will likely put an end to online sales of vape juice and vaping hardware to our customers in the United States. (Our overseas friends are safe! For now.) That said, there are still options!

If you live in or near Michigan or Illinois, you can continue to shop directly with us! Check our vape shops near me page to find the closest Mister-E’s or BloNoSmoke store, as well as any other of the many fine stores nationwide that sell Mister-E-Liquid products!

If there’s no one near you that carries Mister-E-Liquid products – or if your local shop doesn’t carry your favorite flavor – put them in touch with us! Ask for Mister-E-Liquid by name, and if they don’t carry it, point them at our wholesale contact page, and have them talk to Velvet or Russ about how they can carry our hottest flavors! If you’d rather we reach out to your local shop, we’re happy to do that, too! Contact us yourself and tell us who your local vape shop is, and we’d be happy to reach out and show them how to get your favorite Mister-E-Liquid on their shelves!

Mister-E-Liquid isn’t going anywhere. We’re going to keep making the same great liquid we’ve been making for a decade. We’re sorry the federal government has decided to do this to you, but it’s not going to stop us from fighting for your rights! Read the entire blog here for all the details:

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