how to set up your Ceelabb CBD vape pen

The Vaping experience just got a lot better the Ceelabb CBD Vaporizer (VapePen) is now available in Ireland

designed with connivence in mind.

Vaping CBD is one of the best ways to get CBD into your System, in terms of bioavailability up to 80% of the CBD will enter your blood stream immediately via the blood vessels in your lungs. so this method is very popular. especially for people on the go, its so easy to reach for your CBD Vape Pen when ever you feel the need

Comes with three heat settings, low medium and high. The choice is yours

the temperatures is set, so it cant exceed a certain voltage

heats the CBD at the optimal level so it wont burn all of the goodness from the CBD Vape Liquid.

Its best to Vape CBD Oil at low temperatures because when used at a high heat it burns all the goodness from the CBD Oil

take five minutes from your day so you can learn how to set up your CBD Vape pen.


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