CBD Tinctures vs Oils – The Differences and Benefits of Both!

CBD Tinctures vs Oil… what is the difference? These two products are very closely related but their is an important difference that you’ll want to know about before shopping for CBD products.

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CBD Oils vs Tinctures – The Difference
The major difference in Oils vs Tinctures is the extraction method used to make each, most of the other differences stem from this.

CBD Oils come from a supercritical CO2 extraction process that has become the most advanced, cleanest and preferred method of extraction. This process allows the manufacturer to separate the CBD from other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and plant matter.

The result is that you are left with pure CBD Isolate. With just the CBD pulled out you can combine it with a carrier oil like MCT to make CBD Oil.

This is also the best way to start if you’d like to make edibles, gel-caps, topical solutions, or the base for a vaping product.

Another popular method of extraction is an alcohol based soaking method. The full cannabis plant is submerged in a mixture of alcohol and water and left to soak for up to 3 months. During this time the chemicals in the cannabis separate from the plant matter and mix into the alcohol solution.

This alcohol-based method is how tinctures are made. After an evaporation process the manufacturer is left with a waxy substance that holds all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from the plant. Often, when you are buying a Full Spectrum CBD Oil, you are actually buying a tincture.

Another way to know you’re likely buying a tincture is the addition of vegetable glycerin and a flavoring oil like peppermint, cinnamon or orange. These are used not only to flavor the product but to dilute it enough so that it’s an oil, rather than a wax.

Benefits of CBD Oil
The major benefit of using CBD Oil products is they are the cleanest, most refined way to take the CBD. After extraction you are left with a CBD in its purest form, and when combined with other high-quality substances can be a very healthy, clean, and beneficial end product.

This is also the most versatile product as it can be made into gel caps, thinned to make vape juice, or taken in its oil form sublingually.
Lastly, this is the only “Good” way to make pure CBD Isolate.

Benefits of CBD tincture
There are a few benefits of tinctures that you can’t always get if using an oil. The first is the entourage effect.

While not decisively proven, many experts and early research points to CBD being more effective if combined with the other naturally occurring substances in cannabis.

Most of the compounds in cannabis are still found in the wax substance at the end of the alcohol extraction process so Cend users will benefit from the entourage effect. As we mentioned before, Full Spectrum CBD “oils” that are actually tinctures benefit from this.

Most people will also prefer the taste of a tincture over that of an oil. The flavored oils that are used to dilute the CBD wax after extraction are much more pleasant than the bitter taste of the oil resultant from CO2 extraction.

The next benefit is that it is possible to make CBD tinctures at home, while it is a long, time consuming process in most cases, it is possible to take a cannabis or hemp plant and create a CBD tincture product in the comfort of your own home.

This is a great way to control the ingredients and quality, although it makes it nearly impossible to measure the amount of CBD, THC, and specific compounds in the end product.

Finally, cost. The biggest drawback of CO2 extraction is the expensive equipment that you need to make the process work. The alcohol-based method is much less equipment intensive, and so most tinctures can be sold for significantly less simply due to the lower cost of manufacture.

Both Tinctures and Oil have their uses and benefits, and now you can decide which is best for you!


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