Full Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate – What is Better? What to Choose?

What’s the difference between Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate. You need to know!
A new episode of CBD Frequently Asked Questions.
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First the Full Spectrum CBD
It’s also called Full Spectrum CBD Extract,… or Whole-plant CBD extract or FECO that stands for Full Extract Cannabis Oil.
It includes all of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and also includes all the other components that get extracted out of cannabis flowers in the process. These other components are terpenes, waxes, healthy fatty acids and chlorophyll. And you know what,… there are other components in the cannabis plant that get extracted in the process that we are not even aware of. But that’s a story for another time.
So when we say “full-spectrum,” we’re referring to a naturally extracted spectrum rather than a constructed spectrum.

Now let’s talk about the CBD isolate:
CBD isolate is just CBD. It’s just cannabidiol molecule isolated or separated from other cannabis compounds in the plant.

Now to the big question:
What to choose – Full Spectrum CBD or CBD Isolate

There are studies that give scientific proof that Full Spectrum CBD that also includes low amounts of THC plus other cannabinoids, terpenes ect. produce what is known as an Entourage Effect. The synergistic relationship between all of the cannabis components has been shown to increase the healing properties of each.

But when it comes to CBD isolate,… even though it’s fairly unlikely that you would fail a drug test or experience a form of “high” because of the low amounts of the THC in those Full Spectrum CBD products,… some people prefer to be on the safe side.

So now you have the information you need to decide… CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum CBD

My suggestion is always Full Spectrum CBD.
Well, when it comes to health I don’t think we should hold back. This is a natural medicine and it just doesn’t make any sense not to get the full benefit out of it.

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