Can I Buy CBD Oil On Amazon?

A lot of people looking to buy CBD oil online have the same question:

Can I Buy CBD Oil On Amazon?

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Amazon has become the go-to online store for everything.

It seems that with all its health benefits, CBD would be available everywhere health supplements are sold.

Though Amazon has gained a reputation as the one-stop shop for online shopping, there are actually many products you can’t find on Amazon.

Amazon has a list of prohibited items that instructs sellers what they can and cannot sell, and unfortunately many hemp products, including CBD products, are prohibited.

But if CBD is legal, why is it prohibited?

Following the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill, CBD derived from hemp became legal at the federal level.

This made CBD exempt from the controlled substances act.

Even with this legality, Amazon does not allow sellers to offer CBD on their platform.

Even though Amazon has banned CBD, if you search for CBD Oil Amazon, you’ll still get results.

No matter what you search on Amazon, you’ll always wind up with a list of products displayed.

The products you’re looking for may not be what you’re actually searching for,

In the case of CBD oil, it may be a little more confusing because the products look like CBD tinctures.

Look a little closer and you’ll see the products listed on Amazon are not CBD oil, but hemp seed oil or hemp extract.

You will also find that some sellers are trying to bend, or even break the rules.

Some of the products labeled as hemp oil may contain CBD even though they are not allowed to.

So, if your goal is to improve your health, you should be sure you know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

If you’re buying CBD online here is a few things to look for:

-A brand that publishes third-party testing results.
-CBD that is made from organically-grown hemp to avoid unwanted toxins.
-CBD that is Full-Spectrum CBD rather than a CBD isolate.
-CBD Capsules that come nano emulsified

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