Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Products – What's the difference & which is better?

Understanding the difference between Full Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum Extracts is quite simple. The difference among them is the level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is in the extracted CBD. Although there isn’t a huge difference, the main difference is that Full Spectrum contains 0.3% THC while Broad Spectrum contains non-detectable levels of THC, also known as “THC Free” CBD oil.

However, always remember that there is more to hemp than just CBD and THC. Hemp contains other vital compounds called terpenes and flavonoids, which we’ll cover in detail in another video, but these compounds include health properties similar to CBD. What makes terpenes very important is that it alters the Blood-Brain Barrier, which allows cannabinoids to move more freely in our body, hence increasing the effects of cannabinoids, especially CBD.

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