What Is Vaping and Why Is It Bad for You? with Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang | San Diego Health

Vaping is on the rise. But what is vaping? Is it safe? Scripps pulmonologist Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang discusses vaping, also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, including why it’s bad for you, how it causes lung disease, other ways it can affect your health and more.

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0:28 – What is vaping?
1:01 – What ingredients are in e-cigarettes?
1:21 – What is CBD?
1:53 – Are there vapes without THC?
2:02 – Why is vaping so popular?
2:38 – What are vape flavorings?
3:02 – Are e-cigarettes a healthier alternative to smoking?
3:43 – Are e-cigarettes more popular with men or women?
3:55 – What age groups are vaping?
4:25 – Is vaping better than smoking?
5:48 – What is vitamin E acetate? How does vitamin E acetate affect the lungs?
6:54 – What are the symptoms that there’s a problem with your lungs?
7:09 – Are there vapes without vitamin E acetate?
7:37 – Can vapes without vitamin E acetate still negatively affect the lungs?
8:15 – Why is vitamin E good for us when we ingest it as a supplement, but harmful when we ingest it through vaping?
8:53 – Is lung damage from vaping reversible?
9:22 – Does vaping cause gasping for breath?
10:18 – Are there pesticides and poisons in vapes?
10:46 – How can you tell the difference between a counterfeit vape and a pure one?
11:06 – Are vapes safer to use if they don’t contain any of the flavorings?
11:43 – Is it smart to ween yourself off of smoking cigarettes by vaping instead?
12:17 – Is there a way to vape safely?


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